5 More Dr. Stone Characters To Watch Out For

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In the time since Dr. Stone first aired, Senku Ishigami has established himself among the most popular anime protagonists.

The green-haired young scientist has proven time and time again just how powerful science can be.

The ruler of the Kingdom of Science has given us some of the most brilliant moments of the show. However, a kingdom is only as strong as its citizens.

Senku could never have built his Kingdom of Science had it not been for some very capable and reliable friends.

Let’s have a look at some other Dr. Stone characters without whom the show can not go on.

1. Gen Asagiri

Gen Asagiri

Our enemy turned ally may not have a scientific streak to him but his mentalist skills are unparalleled.

If it weren’t for Gen’s quick wit and his ability to see through people, The Kingdom of Science would never have a fighting chance against Tsukasa’s empire.

Gen is introduced to the audience as an opportunist, somewhat perverted trickster.

As the show progresses, however, he proves himself to be one of the most loyal and useful allies to Senku.

Asagiri Gen has given us some of the funniest Dr. Stone moments like his various impersonations of different characters.

And who can forget the iconic  “the Battery song”. Gen brings a certain charm to every scene making him one of the most popular Dr. Stone characters.

2. Yuzuriha Ogawa

Yuzuriha Ogawa

Yuzuriha is introduced to us as Taijo’s love interest. At a glance, she seems nothing more than a quirky girl next door.

However, as the show progresses, Yuzuriha shows unusual cunning in times of need.

Yuzuriha serves as the smarts to Taijo’s brawns when they work as spies in Tsukasa’s empire.

She is quick on her feet when it comes to strategizing and diffusing difficult situations.

On top of it, she is usually able to see through Senku’s plans before anyone else, giving The Kingdom of Science a tactical edge over Tsukasa’s empire.

3. Suika


Suika is arguably the youngest soldier of the Kingdom of Science. She has always been seen under a watermelon helmet due to her near-sightedness.

Don’t dismiss just yet though. Appearance can be deceiving and nobody embodies it better than our adorable hyper-active scout.

With her sharp deductive skills and intuition unparalleled to few, Suika is one of the most important assets to the Kingdom of Science.

And she has proven this on multiple occasions by foiling enemies' plans. Suika often puts herself in harm's way to be useful to her friends she cares deeply about.

4. Kohaku


When Kohaku first meets Senku, she mistakes him for a wizard. However, she is quick to acclimatize to his scientific methods.

She is the one to take Senku to the village of modern humans that gives birth to The Kingdom of Science.

Kohaku rivals some of the strongest Dr. Stone characters in terms of brute strength. Senku often teases her by calling her a Lioness or a Gorilla.

In addition to it, She is a capable strategist and immensely perceptive.

Kohaku cares deeply for her sister and her friends and it is this kindness that turns out to be the source of her immense powers on various occasions.

5. Chrome


While Senku has many reliable comrades in his Kingdom of Science, most of them fall short when it comes to scientific intellect. This isn’t the case however for our local scientist, Chrome.

Born to modern humans in a world without science, Chrome possesses immense curiosity as to how things work.

Even before Senku was there to introduce Science to a Stone world, Chrome was already collecting different things and experimenting with them.

He is one of the few people that can keep up with the scientific aspect of Senku’s plans.

Chrome is very adept at building things himself and often comes up with unconventional ideas that surprise even Senku.

Chrome did not have the fortune of being aware of all the scientific advancements humankind had made before the petrification.

Even so, he is living proof that human curiosity and tenacity can survive against all odds.

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