5 Best K-Dramas to Watch With Your Partner

How about your favorite meal at a nice place followed by a heart-fluttering Korean Drama?

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When the weather calls for a romantic date with your loved one, what is your idea of a perfect date? How about your favorite meal at a nice place followed by a heart-fluttering Netflix show? We knew you'd love the idea. Simple and cut!

When it comes to romantic movies and shows, K-dramas are undoubtedly the holy grail for many people today. The hype kind of makes sense now. Whether it is characters that tend to grow up to be pure-intentioned and somehow always triumph over evil and evil-doers or the distinct style of coloring and scenery that rivals Hollywood with a very different style of cinematography; K-dramas make it impossible to turn away.

The list of why K-dramas are great would just go on and on. Obviously, you are already a fan and do not need reasons to watch these dramas, since you are here reading this article. So, we will quickly get to the point, which is choosing the best k-dramas from the ocean of sitcoms, thrillers, and suspense shows.

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Below are some TV shows and movies to consider for a romantic date:

1. Start-Up

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Starring Nam Joo-Hyuk, Bae Suzy, Kim Seon-Ho, and Kang Han-Na, Start-Up is an adorable and inspiring romantic drama. There is a love triangle portrayed between Seo Dal Mi (Suzy), a young entrepreneur, Nam Do-San (Joo-Hyuk), the founder of a startup company, and Han Ji-Pyung (Kim), a successful businessman who owns Dal Mi's, first love.

As the story progresses, we see the main characters working together and hustling to achieve their goals in a fictional place called Sandbox Company. What is the climax? Well, you might have to watch the show for it.

2. Endless Love: Winter Sonata

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If you have watched Winter Sonata, this is a beautiful extension of that. The show revolves around a young guy named Joon-sang who has just moved to a new high school so that he could find his biological father. Young Joon-sang embarks on a trip with his classmates as time passes at his new school. This is where he met Yu-jin for the first time and also got a chance to save her from a really bad accident.

What next? Did they fall in love? Not really! Though Joon-sang felt strongly for her, Yu-jin just considered him a brother and friend. Did they become good friends? Of course!

Where does it go from here? Is there a happy ending? Well, you will have to find that out yourself. We are quite certain that you will love this show. Endless Love was initially widely watched in Korea only, but later gained popularity worldwide.

3. Marriage Contract

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You know how hard can it be for single moms to raise children. Well, that is what happens in the movie "Marriage Contract". It is about this young lady who is raising a 9-year-old daughter who has a brain tumor after her late husband. Trying to save her daughter and pay off her husband's debts, she starts looking for jobs everywhere. Her first encounter with Ji-Hoon was at a restaurant where she was offered employment.

Who exactly is this guy? He is rich, but unhappy and cynical due to his broken family background. In other words, he needs love, and she needs money. So, is that a match? You will have to watch the movie for that.

The movie emphasizes the importance of love over money and fame in achieving happiness, which most of us would agree with. Watching this one will make you cry and laugh at the same time.  Marriage Contract illustrates beautifully how love can overcome the hardships and struggles of life.  

4. The Greatest Love

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If you are looking for comedy, sweetness, and sadness all rolled into one, then this is the show you must watch. The story centers around Ku Ae-Jung, former lead singer of a girl group called National Treasure Girls. Her life becomes difficult after the group announces their breakup.

Why did the breakup happen? That is a long and definitely heartfelt story, and we recommend you watch the show for it. We do not want to ruin it for you.

5. Heartstrings

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Heartstrings will definitely appeal to those who are looking for an entertaining, cute, and delightful K-drama. While the show hasn't received much critical or technical praise, it's worth watching and gets you engrossed.

The way the two main characters fall in love over time is my favorite part of this show. It revolves around a student Lee Shin who plays guitar and sings in a popular local band as well as majoring in modern music. Aside from music, he has little interest in most things in life. Now coming to the girl Kyu Won just wants to satisfy her family's expectations and knows nothing but traditional music.

When her friends bring her to Lee Shin's band's concert one day, she is blown away by the performance. This good-looking singer immediately captures her attention, as you might have guessed already. And then, their beautiful love story begins.

Wrapping Up

Watching a romantic movie or show sounds fun and romantic until you start searching for it on the internet. Luckily, we have done the daunting task for you already. We hope you like watching these K-dramas. If you have other names to add to the list, please comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts.