4 Famous Maid Sama Characters, Class President is a Maid!!

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Almost like a typical shoujo manga, Maid Sama is a romantic comedy high school love story.

Unlike other Japanese mangas/animes, Maid Sama characters hold a special place among the fans.

Not only do their distinct personalities amaze the audience, but each character steals the hearts of their fans.

In this anime/manga series, you get to travel into two different worlds- ‘Seika High School’ and the ‘Maid Latte shop’.

Let us discover the world of the ‘Demon female president’ and the ‘Perverted outer-space alien’ of Seika High School.

Ayuzawa Misaki is a young hard-working female president of Seika High School which is filled 80% boys and 20% girls.

She is biased toward boys because she thinks they are dirty, inconsiderate, and unreliable.

However, hiding from her classmates, she works part-time as a maid in a café.

Misaki is afraid to reveal this side to her classmates as it can ruin her reputation as the president.

Things become interesting when the popular guy at Seika High School, Usui Takumi discovers her secret.

1. Ayuzawa Misaki

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Misaki was a gentle, encouraging, and helpful girl during her childhood.

When her dad left their family in huge debt, she had to take on huge responsibilities at a younger age.

Due to this, she became more judgmental towards boys and always despised them.

She had to attend an inexpensive Seika High School filled with 80% males.

To protect girls, she worked hard, gained the trust of teachers, and became the student council president of Seika.

Due to her strict behavior towards boys, she was named the ‘Demon Prez’ of Seika.

She’s determined, hard-working, and puts her whole heart into whatever she does.

She doesn’t like when people discourage others who work genuinely. Other people are inspired to work hard just by watching her.

When Takumi teases her she’s often irritated and refuses to accept her feelings toward him.

Due to his flirty behavior, she names him a ‘perverted outer-space alien’.

2. Usui Takumi

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Born as an illegitimate child of Walker’s family, he was forced to take various tuitions and excel in every field.

Getting bored in homeschooling, he enrolled in Seika High School to hide his real background.

Takumi is the most handsome guy of Seika (and in whole Maid Sama characters) where every girl falls in love with him at first sight.  

He’s excelled in every sport, judo, and has good grades.

When he discovers that the school president actually works as a maid in a café, he takes an interest in her secret life and slowly discovers her true personality.

He’s moved by the sweet and cute side of Misaki working as a maid. Though he teases Misaki, she’s the first and last girl that Takumi has ever loved.

3. Hinata Shintani

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Hinata is a cheerful, social, and friendly child who’s always happy around Misaki. He’s always optimistic and with a big appetite.

He’s the childhood friend of Misaki and always had a crush on her.

Hinata can sense any food and guess it just by smell. He’s supportive and energetic with a carefree personality.

He’s quite athletic even though he seems lazy.

4. Suzuna Ayuzawa

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She’s the younger sister of Misaki. She shows no emotions and humor though being perspective.  

She’s straightforward, mature at her age, and always wins prizes through magazines. Suzuna always thinks that family should stick together in all situations.

Other Maid Sama characters include Sakura Hanazono and Shizuko Kaga- best friends of Misaki, the Moron Trios- Naoya Shirokawa, Ryūnosuke Kurosaki, and Ikuto Sarashina, and many more.

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