18 Feel Good Kdramas To Watch on Netflix!

Looking for lighthearted and feel-good Kdramas on Netflix? This list is perfect for the one-stop destination for handpicked Kdramas worth binging!

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Netflix is a giant hub for drama lovers and anime fans. With so many Kdramas released every year, it’s hard to track and find the right one.

If you’re feeling low and want a change of pace, watching lighthearted and feel-good Kdramas is just the thing you can do.

Thanks to Netflix, searching and watching Kdramas is super easy.

These feel-good Kdramas will get you through a rough day and are perfect for a mood changer!

18. Cinderella and the Four Knights

The high-spirited no-nonsense Ha Won catches the attention of a rich Grandpa wanting to straighten his three spoiled grandsons.

The female lead receives an offer to become a live-in butler with these three grandsons who have their issues and reasons to revolt. How?

17. My Shy Boss

An extremely shy CEO meets an extroverted and energetic employee, The CEO hides and works from the shadows to avoid interacting with others.

Meanwhile, the employees are interested in the CEO and want to find out who he really is.

My Shy Boss can be mysterious and hilarious at the same time.

16. Welcome to Waikiki

Three different men with different dreams run a guest house in Waikiki.

The guest house was nearly facing bankruptcy when a mysterious baby and a single mother appears in Waikiki.

Can the men achieve their dreams and save the guest house? There are two seasons and both are available on Netflix.

15. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Another Kdrama of Shin Min A. The 2021 Kdrama is another gem of a series.

The righteous dentist relocates to Gongjin and opens her clinic.

She meets Chief Hong who’s a man of many traits but has a secret on his own.

14. Oh My Venus

A lawyer who was beautiful and attractive has now become overweight due to lifestyle choices.

She meets a personal trainer for Hollywood who has his own problems but overcomes the challenges.

It’s one of the most healthiest and fulfilling Kdramas ever made.

13. Hello, My Twenties

The story of five university students sharing a house. Each of them has a different personality and a different lifestyle.

Hello, My Twenties is one of the perfect short series to uplift your mood.

12. Revolutionary Love

A naïve, warm-hearted but zero ambitious person meets a hard-working and passionate woman who believes in justice.

The rich guy starts cohabiting with his friend/hardworking acquaintance who has a hot and cold relationship.

Will this be a start of a revolutionary love to fight against corporate injustice?

Watching Choi Si Won and Gong Myung was the most precious thing ever in this comedy series.

11. Because This Is My First Life

One of the best dramas of 2017, Because This Is My First Life shows the story of two people who start living as housemates and eventually experience the many first things in life.

If you are feeling down this Kdrama will lift your mood as there are certain things you can relate with the characters.

10. Do You Like Brahms?

The 2020 SBS Kdrama was a slow burn but quite peaceful drama. Do You Like Brahms is highly recommended for the healing ambience of the story.

The story centers around an elite pianist and his complicated relationship with his two best friends.

He meets a university student aspiring to become a violinist, although she does not have talent but is hardworking.

9. Be Melodramatic

Three best friends on the journey of life, all of them 30 years old. Can things be better when you reach thirty?

The triumphs, trials, and everyday lives of 3 friends working together to collaborate on an upcoming project.

8. 18 Again

When life gives you a second chance of fixing your past, present, and future what will a middle-aged man do who was going through a divorce.

The middle-aged Ajjusshi struggling with his job, marriage, and kids, suddenly becomes 18 Again to get a redo on his life. What will the new life await him?

7. Record of Youth

Park Bo Gum’s Record of Youth is another feel-good and warm-hearted Kdrama showing the struggles in the entertainment industry.

Can hard work prevail on the road to success in the show biz or will the end of the dream find out in Record of Youth?

6. Run On

Catchy dialogues, original setting, and fans can barely guess what’s to come next.

A very original Kdrama Run On shows the life of 4 individuals from different walks of life.

Each of them has its own uptake on what’s right or wrong.

A popular sprinter meets a translator, and the CEO of the sports company gets enamored by an artist’s painter.

5. Move To Heaven

The 2021 Kdrama starring Le Je Hoon is one of the motivations to watch it but not limited to that.

Move To Heaven is an emotional roller coaster showing the relationship between families.

A young man who suffers from Asperger syndrome loses his father suddenly.

His estranged uncle shows him as his guardian under his father’s wishes.

Can the uncle-nephew work together at Move To Heaven for serving the trauma cleaners for deceased people?

4. Reply 1988

The third installment of the Reply series will take the nostalgia to 1988. Five different friends, five different dreams.

Like the previous franchise, the guessing game is on as to who ends up with the female lead!

Reply 1988 is a slice of life and heartwarming drama that’s hard to miss out on.

3. Hospital Playlist

Another medical Kdrama on the list is worth watching on Netflix. Hospital Playlist shows the story of 5 friends working as doctors in Yuljae Medical.

The lives and stories of their daily lives, friendship, passion, and romance where every character will touch your heart.

2. Life

The 2018 Medical Kdrama starring Lee Dong Wook, Cho Seung Woo, Lee Kyu Hyung, and others feel like a reunion of many casts from Stranger Kdrama.

Life Kdrama shows the power struggle between the medical staff and the management of Sangkook University hospital.

Can hospitals be profitable or value patients?

The sibling bonds between the two brothers were one of the most heartwarming and healthy relationships ever.

1. Hot Stove League

The baseball team Dreams which was once a legacy, have now sunk to the bottom.

The team is looking for a general manager and an interesting candidate shows up.

Baek Seung Su, the new manager has an innovative plan that can turn Dreams upside down.

Initially, everyone was against Baek Seung Su’s ideas, can Dreams win the next season?  

Watch Hot Stove League, a 2019 award-winning SBS drama starring Namkoong Min is just the right pick for a feel-good drama.