12 Kdramas to Watch Right Now!

A handpicked list of Current Kdramas in 2022!

Kdramas of 2022 Fall

The last quarter of 2022 has begun with so many great dramas to binge through. Some dramas are completed, a few are ongoing and some are soon to begin airing. Korean dramas airing right now have a mixed bunch from different genres, so there’s a lot to choose from. These are the 12 Korean Dramas worth checking out right now!

12. Shadow Detective

Shadow Detective

The suspense mystery/thriller Kdrama Shadow Detective has 8 episodes. A veteran detective about to retire gets involved in a crime and becomes a suspect after receiving a phone call from a supposed “old friend”.

A new detective was transferred where the veteran detective works. Can the duo detective solve the crime and find proof of innocence? The cast is amazing with veteran actor Lee Sung Min, Jin Goo, Kyung Soo Jin and Lee Hak Joo in man roles.

11. Under The Queen’s Umbrella

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

The Queen is back, like literally, the acting queen! Kim Hye Soo is the Queen in Under The Queen’s Umbrella in charge of educating the four princes to become proper princes and crown prince candidates.

After the death of the former crown prince, Queen Dowager started scheming and manipulating all the concubines to select a new crown prince, whoever can stand the harsh training provided through the top 1% of education.

Will the Queen be able to win against Queen Dowager, only time will tell.  Under The Queen’s Umbrella is a TvN drama with 16 episodes now airing on Netflix! If you’re a sucker for historical drama don’t miss out on Under The Queen’s Umbrella!

10. Yonder


2022 will be incomplete without a new Sci-fi/mystery Kdrama. Shin Ha Kyun is back with another drama in Yonder along with Han Ji Min in the main roles. Yonder is set in 2032 when people are debating over euthanasia and alleged suicide to cross over to Yonder.

Yonder is a mysterious place where people can transfer their consciousness after they die. A grieving husband found his wife and unborn child in Yonder, but like every paradise, it has its own issues.

Whether the ML will choose Yonder to be with his wife and child or will he give up on the temptations, check out the drama to find out! Yonder is a miniseries which has only 6 episodes, so it’s perfect for a binge-watch!

9. Gaus Electronics

Gaus Electronics

12 Episode comedy/Workplace Kdrama Gaus Electronics is hands down one of the dark horses which need more recognition.

The Kdrama shows the story of Marketing Team 3 in Guas Electronics with some very peculiar but charming characters.

The show stealer Baek Ma Tan is a chaebol who comes undercover to work at Gaus, the competitor of Power company.

Lee Sang Shik and Cha Na Rae have a hot and cold relationship which transforms from sunbae-hoobae to official lovers. Check out Gaus Electronics and find out who is the best character!

8. The Fabulous

The Fabulous

The upcoming 8 episodes Netflix Kdrama hasn’t aired yet but do keep your eyes on this one! Shinee Minho is back with The Fabulous Kdrama. Other casts include Chae Soo Bin, Lee Sang Un, Park Hee Jung and others.

The drama follows the story of four friends working in the fashion industry. The trailers seemed pretty intriguing, so waiting for the drama!

7. Fan letter Please

Fan letter Please

Another short mini-series starring Sooyoung and Yoon Park. The combination itself nothing can go wrong.

A single father is raising his daughter with Leukaemia, and her daughter is a huge fan of a popular actress. Her only wish is to meet her once.

Fan Letter Please will have 4 episodes and 2 episodes are out, totally filled with cuteness. Check out the light-hearted drama, hope no tears and a sad ending.

6. Weak Hero Class 1

Weak Hero Class 1

The Webtoon adaptation of Weak Hero was created by SEOPASS and illustrated by Razen. The story focuses on a peculiar student who takes on the school bullies with his methods.

Do not look down on the small kid who can be relentless and makes the bully beg for mercy. It will be interesting to see how Kdrama has changed the Webtoon story as most of the adaptations aren’t faithfully adapted.

The model student Yeon Shi Eun fighting the bullies! The drama is completed and has 8 episodes perfect for a binge-watch right now!

5. Somebody


The last quarter of 2022 is all about mini-series. Another nerve-wracking crime/suspense/ thriller Netflix Kdrama to keep us psyched. Somebody has 8 episodes so do check it out.

The story shows how an AI dating app “Somebody” is used for murders and the unsuspected killer is just having his way with everything. Kim Young Kwang is surprising with his top-notch acting skills as the serial killer busy as a predator hunting his targets.

4. Curtain Call

Curtain Call

The KBS drama has one of the best casts lined up this year. The 16-episode Kdrama is here to slay with eye-catching acting from Kang Ha Neul, Ha Ji Won, Ji Seung Hyun, Choi Dae-Hoon, Kwon Sang Woo, Veteran actors Ko Du Shim and  Sung Dong Il and others.

The ML is a theatre actor who was offered to play a real-life acting gig for granting a dying grandmother’s wish. The grandma’s grandson was left in North Korea and she wanted to meet him before she dies.

Taking matters into his hand, her trusted aid creates a fake grandson because the real grandson is criminally dangerous. There are three siblings in the household who want different things from the newly arrived estranged cousin. Curtain Call Kdrama is a must-watch this season!

3. Revenge of Others

Revenge of Others

Another revenge/mystery/ suspense Kdrama Revenge of others is a 12-episode series. The high school student on the school shooting team won her Bronze medal.

The day she won but her life turned upside down when his older twin brother committed suicide. Did her brother really commit suicide or was he killed? Deciding to transfer from Busan to Seoul to find the truth, the girl is left with a rude awakening, as her brother may not be who she thought.

Will she find her brother's killer or will she be left dead in the process? Check out Revenge of Others starring Shin Ye Eun, Park Soloman, and Seo Ji Hoon in the main roles.

2. The First Responders

The First Responders

A brand new SBS Kdrama The First Responders has a very unique cast and storyline. The mad dog detective who was newly transferred for abusing the human rights of criminals meets a firefighter and paramedic.

The trio team solve cases and have amazing chemistry.  The cold detective who is ruthless and rash, the warm-hearted paramedic and a dedicated firefighter solve cases as first responders to crime. Check out the series, a season 2 is announced as well!

1. Reborn Rich

Reborn Rich

One of the most awaited Kdrama of 2022 starring Song Joong Ki, Reborn Rich is based on a web novel written by San Kyeong.

The dedicated worker of the top conglomerate firm gets killed despite his dedication and loyalty. Song Joong Gi plays the role of the youngest son Jin Do Jin as he gets reborn as a chaebol.

Now with a new goal in mind, Jin Do Jin will work his way up to figure out his killer and get some cold-blooded revenge so we hope!  Reborn Rich Kdrama airs thrice a week, so it's another reason to rejoice!

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