11 Upcoming Kdramas in November 2021 worth watching!

Which November 2021 Kdrama is in your list?

11 Upcoming Kdramas in November 2021 worth watching!

Another month, more Kdrama to watch. November 2021 is here and if you’re excited to discover some new K-series to watch. The most exciting month of 2021 as some of our favorite Oppas and Unnies/Noonas are making a comeback with brand new dramas. Which November Kdramas are you most eager to watch. Let’s explore some.

Which dramas of November 2021 are you most excited for? 2PM members TaecYeon and Lee Joon Ho are making a comeback along with Park Hyung Shik, Yoo Ah In, and others.

1. Dr. Brain

A brand new medical Kdrama, please sign me up. The 6 episode K-drama Dr. Brain will star My Mister famed actor Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Yoo Yong, and others. Dr. Brain shows the protagonist as a famous brain scientist who is a genius. He gets involved with a mysterious case to extract someone’s information from the brain, a person who committed suicide. What mysteries are waiting for Dr.Brain?

Network: Apple Tv+

Air Date: 4th November 2021

2. Happiness

Happiness Kdrama will replace Yumi’s Cells. The Friday Saturday slot will become exciting again. The thriller drama is related to the outbreak of infectious diseases in the future. Feels kinda similar to our current situation no. What’s even more exciting is Park Hyung Shik is making a comeback in 2021 with Happiness Kdrama. Totally excited for Happiness Kdrama!

Network: TvN

Air Date:5th November 2021

3. Red Sleeve

Another historical Kdrama. 2021 did have some decent historical dramas, hope Red Sleeve will be interesting. More reasons to look forward to ed Sleeve is because of Lee Joon Ho, Lee Se Young and Kang Hoon. Lee Joon Ho is making a comeback after a long time so ore excited to see him in this drama. Red Sleeve is set in the historical era showing the story between King Jeongjo and his concubine.

Network: MBC

Air Date: 5th November 2021

4. Let Me Be Your Knight

This drama seems quite different hope it’s refreshing. Let Me Be  Your Knight will show the story of a popular idol group leader suffering from sleepwalking. A tour guide starts living with the idol pretending to be a fake doctor. Wonder what does the story entails?

Network: SBS

Air Date: 7th November 2021

5. Idol: The Coup

Another Idol group story looks promising.  The premise is unusual as well. Idol: The Coup will show the story of Cotton Condy, an unpopular idol group trying to achieve one last hit before disbanding. Can they achieve success finally? Excited to watch Hani and Kwak Si Yang in a drama together.

Network: JTBC

Air Date:8th November 2021

6. Secret Royal Inspector & Joy

TaecYeon is back with Secret Royal Inspector & Joy in a historical drama. After stealing everyone’s heart in Vincenzo as the evil incarnate, TaecYoon will work as a royal secret agent. Excited to see the secret inspector solve cases. Another TvN drama and historical, hell yes! Lee Joon Hyuk (Stranger) is also in the cast as the Crown Prince.

Network: TvN

Air Date: 8th November 2021

7. Melancholia

Missing TvN dramas is a sin. A school setting Kdrama after a long time. Melancholia is making my expectation go high because of Lim Soo Jung (Search: WWW) and Lee Do Hyun (18 Again). The drama will portray the story of a genius mathematics student and a teacher. The story will answer the cause of the disappearance of the genius. Melancholia is definitely on the November list!

Network: TvN

Air Date:10th November 2021

8. Now, We Are Breaking Up

Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Young in a drama together, this alone is a reason to watch the drama. This might be a realistic drama about love and break up! Now, We Are Breaking Up is totally high on the watchlist. The story is set in the fashion industry so that’s quite refreshing as well. Now We Are Breaking Up will be replacing One The Woman.

Network: SBS

Air Date: 12th November 2021

9. School 2021

Finally, after years of wait, the School series is back. School 2021 was getting postponed quite a lot, hope the wait is worth it.  School 2021 is set in a vocational high school. Dali and Cocky Prince will be replaced by School 2021.

Network: KBS2

Air Date: 17th November 2021

10. Hellbound

Hellbound is the most awaited drama of November. The 6 episode Netflix drama will star Yoo Ah In. After Chicago Typewriter, he hasn’t worked in any dramas. Death angels and Hell hell yes. The graphics and the trailer looked fascinating enough. The drama will show the religious group Saejinrihwe, a new religion guided by the protagonist Yoo Ah In. why is the angel of death appearing? Hope to find out in Hellbound Kdrama.

Network: Netflix

Air Date: 19th November 2021

11. Shadow Beauty

The premise of Shadow Beauty is interesting. The story will show the dark side of social media influence, secrets, and bullying. Can her secret be safe when she’s living a dual life, only to be caught by a mysterious person?

Network: KakaoTV

Air Date: 20th November 2021

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