11 Most Aesthetically Pleasing K-pop MV's For The Fans

Which K-pop MVs have stolen your heart?

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Exo and BTS members

K-pop is not a stranger to people, not anymore. If you're still living under a rock, good for you, but if you wish to get updated and wanna check out beautiful and aesthetic K-pop videos, this article is just the right one for you.

K-pop itself is music that has become immensely popular due to the lyrics, beautiful aesthetics, concepts, and hidden storylines. Most K-pop songs present a story-induced phenomenon and attract fans with a captivating storyline.

K-pop is not just about K-pop anymore. It's offering much more to the fans. The dedicated fans of every fandom wait for the comebacks just to see their favorite bands/singers in a beautifully created MV just for the fans that use a system of storytelling, sometimes even offering continuations of the previous plot.

The songs chosen are purely based on aesthetic, vibrancy, music, choreography, and the overall vibes that make you want to watch them over and over again.

Also, this is an unranked list!  

BTS has been one such K-pop group that is famous in the music world that has given the fans - ARMYs a closely interconnected universe with different hidden theories and exceptionally beautiful storylines.

This list contains some of the most beautiful and aesthetic K-pop MVs that are essential for every K-pop fan to watch.

You can either love them or won't, but there's no harm in trying. All the MVs are available on YouTube, so the fans don't have to go around searching.

11. I'm so Afraid - Holland  (2018)

The song is beautifully composed and presents us with a theme.

Parallels are running throughout the video and the visuals and background are so visually appealing that you get immersed in the video and wish the duration was a bit more.

The video explores being afraid of so many things and presents an idea about the things the singer Holland is afraid of.

10. Egotistic - Mamamoo (2018)

Everything about this song is visually appealing and portrays a strong message to the viewers.

This is one of that aesthetic K-pop MVs that will make you re-question your bias. The song is visually very appealing with well-choreographed moves by the Mamamoo members.

The song is about toxic relationships coming to an end and giving importance to yourself. It’s a very enjoyable and memorable song.

9. Ko Ko Bop - Exo (2017)

Ko Ko Bop is from the fourth EXO album, The War. It’s pleasant to see the EXO members relaxing and enjoying the music.

Everything about this song is so beautiful and colorful. It makes you feel so relaxed and you won’t be able to stop chanting “Shimmie Shimmie Ko Ko Bop” once you watch this MV.

The effects and the background are pretty and the beautiful relaxed ambiance of the video makes you want to put it on loop for eternity!

8. LaLaLay - Sunmi (2019)

Sunmi’s songs are creative and she definitely knows how to capture the fans. Her songs have great concepts and the K-Pop MVs are a visual feast for the fans.

With vibrant and colorful tones, the music and the background grip your full attention! LaLaLay is the definition of aesthetic and creative!

7. Lo Siento - Super Junior (2018)

Fans were sad because Heechul didn’t participate in a few of the songs due to his injury. But Lo Siento was a gift for the fans. Thanks to Super Junior & SM entertaining for making this song.

The song is beautiful on so many scales, but it’s more precious because of the intro and ending by Heechul. Lo Siento is a precious gift and a visual treat for fans featuring Leslie Grace and Super Junior.

The song is special because of the trilingual lyrics and you can’t stop singing “Loca por ti no estoy” so many times! Heechul’s closing part in the song just blessed us fans!

6. Fake Love - BTS (2018)

There’s another song on the list from BTS. Their concepts and songs are just so mesmerizing, that you can’t help but fall in love with the song and the concept.

The song Fake love really shows us what love and make us do, and maybe we should value ourselves a little bad. Please don’t be a puppet and don’t love someone too crazily that you can’t distinguish between yourself and the fake love that you’re deeply immersed into.

The Fake Love, is it really worth it?

The visuals are really stunning and the fire and water scenes of Suga and Jimin respectively will make you keep your eyes stuck on the device, without even getting the chance to blink for a second.

Fake Love is one of the best aesthetic K-Pop MVs of BTS without a doubt. The well-synched choreography and the concept will make you go gaga over BTS!

5. TT Twice (2016)

The famous song by Twice presents and gives a visual treat to the fans.

Set in a Halloween-like theme, the storyline introduced the girl group members as strong and powerful female superheroes/characters who each have their own strengths and flaws.

The song gained immense popularity and was featured in many dramas.

4. Spring Day - BTS (2017)

This song is the queen of all the BTS MVs and for a very good reason. Spring Day is very aesthetically pleasing, but with a very dark undertone. The song represents a  very sad underlying message. The 7 BTS members portray the emotions and the sad vibe in a very emotional manner.

The spring day will be soon because the long winter will be soon over and the people you miss will see them once again. This MV, like BTS MVs, has many hidden details and different floating theories.

3. Scentist - Vixx (2018)

VIXX is back with another bang with a brand new album Eau De VIXX. The main song Scentist is a visual treat for the eyes. So, what is the scent that VIXX is probably looking for, aren’t you curious?!

This is one of the best albums and songs from this album. Everything in Scentist screams ethereal and aesthetic if you ask me!  

2. Shangri La - Vixx (2017)

VIXX has been known for creativity, concepts, and choreography. The entire mv of Shangri La is so beautiful and mesmerizing, you just can’t get enough of it.

This song is best viewed at 1920P! The concept, costume, props, and dances were all ethereal. The music, hands down simply the best!  

The color combination and the scenery are so beautiful, that you just want to get drowned in the beauty of the song. This is one of those songs by VIXX, in which all your biases will wreck you!

1. Blood Sweat & Tears- BTS (2016)

Blood Sweat & Tears is a modern visual art created by Bang PD Nim. The entire concept screams of 7 deadly sins committed by the members.

The MV had many subtle hints of different theories and fans just can’t get enough of this MV. If you haven’t watched this MV, do check it out and then decide for yourself.

The band had really put their Blood Sweat & Tears into the song, no pun intended! The not-so-subtle mention of Friedrich Nietzsche was a good surprise. The single monologue of RM was enough to blow our minds away.

There are so many songs and it’s impossible to fit them all into this post. The second installment will be back soon.

So, till then enjoy the song and delve deeper into the beautiful and aesthetic world of K-pop. K-pop is not cancerous or vicious, if anything it’s just so beautiful.

Thanks for reading!!