10 Popular Manhwa Worth Your Time

There are many popular manhwa that readers look forward to. Manhwa is basically is a South Korean term for their different style of art and animation.

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By Akash
10 Popular Manhwa Worth Your Time

There are many popular manhwa that readers look forward to. Manhwa is basically is a South Korean term for their different style of art and animation. There are different genre in these manhwa like action, adult etc. So, here are my top pick for best 20 manhwa.

1. How To Fight

Popular Manhwa How to fight’s main character of this popular manhwa is Yoo Hoobin who is a pitiful student because he is constantly bullied by his so-called friends who also feels that they are superior than Yoo.

He does nothing and carry on his life as nothing happened without resisting or like that. One day he randomly posts his old video on youtube which suddenly went viral and he became famous. He gains a ton money due to his video. Will he be able to fight the injustice ever? This is a question which will be answered if you read the manhwa.

2. A Returners Magic Should Be Special

The main character of this manhwa is Desir Arman who returns back in the time don’t know how after a incident in the shadow world where all of his friends got killed.

Shadow world is a most devastating event that  have occurred, it leads to a lot of destruction in the world, It turns the world upside down. As he returns back in the time he promise to save everyone whom he can’t in his life. It is a very promising manhwa to read.

3. The Beginning After The End

Popular Manhwa Beginning after the end main character of this manhwa is Arthur Leywin who was a king in his previous life before he gets reincarnated. He was known as King Grey in previous life which was a martial world without any magic.

But this world in which he had reincarnated is a magical world. From a very young age he is very smart as he regains the knowledge of his past world. He grows up to be a very good magical user with a lot of power.

There are lot of incidents which makes this manhwa one of the best. First of all the storyline is amazing and second character development is very good. There are a lot of reasons which adds to make this manhwa one of the best.

4. Hive

There are many manhwa which are related to apocalyptic worlds but this manhwa stands out of them. The intensity which is shown in each art is quite compelling to watch this manhwa, the horror element adds up to this manhwa.

The world is suddenly attacked by a group of bees which aims to takeover this world.The main character of this manhwa is Lee. He wants to save everyone whom he can. The story is basically about a common person who wants to save those whom he keeps close to heart.

5. Terror Man

Popular Manhwa Terror Man is Sci-Fi, psychological, action and mystery based manhwa. Min Jung-Woo is the main character of this manhwa whom many people think as terrorist.

The main reason behind this is his eyes of misfortune he can see what terrible will happen in the next moments and in order to save those he is labelled as terrorist. But as the story moves further sometimes he is not happy with the people treating him as a terrorist so there is battle between his emotions too. So, it is quite good for those readers who likes psychological related stuff.

6.The Boxer

This is an action, drama, sports and thriller related manhwa. If you have seen Hajime No Ippo then you will definitely love this one. How a underdog with his sheer raw talent climb the stairs of success. This is a very interesting sports manhwa. The main character of this manhwa holds a lot of raw talent which upon precise training wrecks havoc in the sports world.


This is a fantasy and psychological manhwa. The main character of this story is Leon Mori he is basically bored with his school life as well as his personal life. He basically likes his tutor who is also his teacher now.

He have the special ability to see colours in sound. He have nightmares at night daily at which later on he thinks that it is part of something. He is approached by Catharsis organisation where he learns to combat insecurities and fears. The main character is very realistic as he is not too heroic and there is a perfect blend of character as well as plot.

8. Afterschool War Activities

This is not a very popular manhwa don't know why? Plot is very original and is about how some alien things enters earth and now in order to survive High school students have to fight for their own safety. Kim Chi-yeol is the main protagonist of this story.

The main protagonist is not very powerful not very smart quite an average guy. But the writer have done an amazing job in bringing out the psychological elements in this manhwa like trust and relationship etc. But the main flaw is only its ending which is not very well executed. But worth reading.

9.Tomb Raider King

It is one of the best and my personal favourite manhwa too. The main  character of the story goes back into time after being killed alongside his friends during artefacts expedition. Artefacts are the powerful tools which enables the user to have different Abilities.

The main character in order to take revenge start to gain different artefacts in order to get more strong get wealthy and add more companions whom he worked in the other life. This story have mystery, is adventurous and lot of action scenes too. All in all a full exciting package.

10.The God Of High School

The God of High School is one of the popular manhwa which have a lot of hype and is still ongoing. It have also adapted into anime which came early this year. This is an action based manhwa. The main character of the story is Jin mori.

This is about the fight which happens in each other chapters in this manhwa. At first it was a high school fight then it shifted to gods fight. There is a lot of action scenes. Character development is quite good. But the show seems to be expanded too far. Just because of this popularity.

But it is definitely a try as that’s why it so damn popular and people were very excited when its anime got announced.

Hope You Enjoyed It.