10 Best Kdramas without Romance to watch!

Which Korean drama is the best Non-romantic drama to enjoy?!

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Romance Kdramas and love stories feel so appealing; only till you get bored. If you’re tired of romantic Kdramas and need a refresher, here’s an exclusive list of the best Kdramas without romance. Kdrama without romance isn’t that surprising given OCN dramas mostly don’t have an element of a love story or romance in the plot.

If you want to explore more non-romantic dramas, think no more and dive into this list to find some of the most underrated dramas that need more attention. These dramas will blow your mind and instantly hook you!

10. The Good Detective

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This is one of the most interesting Kdramas of 2020. The Good Detective is a 16 episode JTBC drama and Season 2 might be coming out soon. It’s a story about two detectives who are completely different but end up working together as partners. This drama has good suspense and action.

There was no romance in the plot so you can enjoy this drama. Son Hyun Joo, Jang Seung Jo, Lee Elijah, Oh Jung Se, and Ji Seung Hyun are the main cast of The Good Detective.  

9. Lookout

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This is one of the dramas that will give you a lot of angst. You will probably want to scream, yell and cry at the same time. Lookout is about a group of vigilantes united together with a common purpose to get justice and vengeance.  

Lee Si Young, Kim Young Kwang, Key, Kim Seul Gi are in prominent roles. A special shout out to Park Solomon for playing the antagonist in this drama.  

8. Awaken

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Namgoog Min is back in action with Awaken. The 2021 TvN mystery/thriller and sci-fi Kdrama was one of the best dramas of 2021.   The story revolves around a group of people who were experimented on when they were kids.

They develop powers and now are back to solving unsolved and unnatural mysterious deaths. There are times you might feel lots of angst, but you can forgive the plot as it’s definitely better than other Kdramas.

7. Wanted

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The 2016 SBS drama Wanted might look a bit far-fetched but everything is allowed in Kdrama! This is one of the few dramas that maintain momentum and suspense throughout the entire drama. This drama is perfect for a binge-watch because you can’t handle the cliffhangers in this drama!

The plot is about a famous actress whose son gets kidnapped. As a ransom, they demand the actress take part in a live reality show to carry out the missions given by the kidnapper to save her son.  

6. Phantom

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Phantom or Ghost Kdrama is one of the most intriguing dramas of So Ji Sub. This is one of the few dramas that explored the topic of cybercrimes and the cyber world. Daniel Choi had a cameo and guess who’s the annoying antagonist!

Uhm Ki Joon in Phantom Kdrama will remind you of Joo Dan Tae from the Penthouse Kdrama. The 2012 SBS Kdrama is without romance and explores the plot beautifully.    

5. 38 Task Force

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This is one of the most underrated dramas. The premise of the drama may not look appealing but it’s a hell of a drama. The story revolves around one of the greatest cons ever pulled to make sure that the people who escape from paying taxes definitely pay it for sure!

Ma Dong Seok, Seo In Guk and Soo Young are in the main roles of 38 Task Force Kdrama. This 2016 OCN drama is highly recommended!  

4. Misaeng

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If you’re someone who’s working and would like to take a look at the working life, welcome to Misaeng. This TvN Kdrama shows some reality of the working culture and the heartfelt nature of the drama is one of the USPs of the drama.

The story is about a Go player who starts working as an intern in a trading company. It shows everyday office life and some of the things you can totally relate to in this drama. Im Si Wan nailed his role as Jang Gu Rae.  

3. Signal

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This Kdrama is beyond description. Everything about Signal Kdrama is just so right. The 2016 TvN drama is based on a serial murder case. The popularity of Signal Kdrama compelled Japan to release the Japanese version of Signal Kdrama.

Two people from different timelines communicate using a walkie-talkie and try to change the present, past, and future. Lee Je Hoo, Cho Jin Woong, and Kim Hye Soo are the main cast of Signal drama Signal is a Kdrama without romance so you can enjoy the drama worry-free and perfectly binge-watch without having to deal with the cliffhangers.  

2. Chief Kim

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Good Manager also known as Chief Kim is a popular 2017 KBS drama that has an awesome cast and hilarious storyline. The story gives a fresh perspective and new twist to show the fight against corruption in a struggling but infamous company.

Namgoong Min plays the role of a thug who gets involved with the company and gets promoted as Chief Kim.  Lee Jun Ho plays the role of an evil corporate lawyer siding with evil.

Other prominent casts include Nam Sang Mi, Kim Sun Ho, Jung Hye Sung, Dong Ha, and others. Chief Kim is a Kdrama without romance and is absolutely adorable on many counts.  

1. Stranger

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Secret Forest or Stranger is #1 on the list. This Kdrama doesn’t have romance and you can happily enjoy this legal Kdrama involving conspiracies and deception. This drama is available on Netflix and has two seasons worth binging.

The Stranger Kdrama is a story about a prosecutor who is rigid, inflexible and lacks emotions. He won’t do anything wrong and is always rational and calm.

He meets a hot-headed police officer who’s honest and together they uncover the deaths and cases shrouded in mystery, mostly corruption. Cho Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na, Yoo Jae-Myung, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Shin Hye-Sun, and Lee Kyu-Hyung are in the main roles.

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