10 Hilarious Love is War Anime Memes That Only True Fans Will Know

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Kaguya Sama: Love is War was a golden anime for the meme community. With new anime templates for memes, these 10 Love is War anime memes are some that only true fans will know!

Love is War is a romantic comedy that was one of the top anime of 2019.

The story follows the students of the student council of the prestigious Shuchiin Academy, where some of the elite families of Japan send their children to.

This romantic comedy follows Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya.

Kaguya hails from a conglomerate family; Shirogane is the top student who is very well known in the prefecture.

The series plays out normal high school love with tons of humor and laughs.

The situational comedy as well as the funny background narrative gave the anime community a good bunch of memes.

So, here are 10 hilarious Love is War anime memes that only true fans will know:

1. Shirogane and Shinomiya’s Relationship

Shirogane and Shinomiya’s Relationship

Love is War’s story focuses on the budding relationship between Shirogane and Shinomiya.

All throughout the series, the both of them secretly like each other but don’t want to confess to each other. They expect the other to confess.

Both of them focus on each other, uplift each other, and also easily get jealous.

Imagine if Fujiwara knew they liked each other right from the start, we wouldn’t have two seasons and no memes either.

2. Octopus Wiener

Octopus Wiener

This hilarious meme describes that one scene that not only made Fujiwara laugh her guts out but also the viewers.

Shinomiya and Fujiwara brought their lunches to school and offered some to Shirogane.

While Kaguya’s was made by a professional chef, Fujiwara’s was homemade.

Shirogane enjoyed Fujiwara’s lunch more than Kaguya’s which spiked her jealousy.

Finally, Kaguya tried Fujiwara’s lunch, particularly the octopus weiners which she loved.

3. She Cute as Heck

She Cute as Heck

This very Gen Z anime meme is the perfect meme for Chika Fujiwara. She became one of the most loved girls in anime and she is quite a meme-worthy character.

First off, she’s feisty and will not hesitate to beat you with a paper-made flog.

Second, she's also a very caring friend and looks out for the people she loves and admires.

Third and final, she’s really really cute. Chika’s famous dance became one of the best dances in anime that even non-anime lovers know about.

4. She Just Wants Fireworks

4. She Just Wants Fireworks

Kaguya is one of the main characters of the series. She’s intelligent, talented, and really rich since she comes from a conglomerate family.

Therefore, she also has to uphold an image.

Despite the social pressure, under all that, she’s a normal girl who just likes fireworks and pretty things that light up the sky.

Shinomiya might be a lurker and smirks most of the time but she’s a cute girl and shows that side to selective people in her life.

5. Corruption 100?

Corruption 100?

Chika Fujiwara is the type of girl who’s bursting with ideas and goes about it in a different way than others.

Being part of the student council is no cakewalk, you have to come up with ideas and changes all the time.

Trying to increase the budget shouldn’t be a problem of course if you know the art of bribery.

Her cute yet completely corrupt cola bribery made our hearts flutter but not Shirogane’s.

6. When Ishigami is Scared of Kaguya

Ishigami is Scared of Kaguya

One of the funniest moments of the series is when Ishigami is scared of Kaguya and Fujiwara.

Ishigami is one of those mellow, intelligent characters who also get freaked out about a lot of things.

Sometimes, this annoys Kaguya and she acts like a psychotic serial killer who threatens Ishigami to no end.

And he’s scared for his life. This happens many times throughout the series and is hilarious every single time.

7. Fujiwara, The Advisor

Fujiwara, The Advisor

Only true fans know that Fujiwara is one of the most adorable and intelligent girls in the anime world.

She’s a helper and she gives some great advice- especially to Kaguya.

So when Nagisa Kashiwagi wanted some relationship advice, she was there to help and give some advice. She’s the “Love Detective Chika”.

It doesn’t matter if the advice will work or not, Chika loves being the love detective.

8. The Ship Not Sailed

The Ship Not Sailed

This anime meme represents the lot of us that really really wanted Shirogane and Shinomiya to get together.

We love the moments between them. Whether it is a competition, a small flirty conversation or just being there for each other as friends, we adore them all.

After 11 episodes, we thought we’d see them together but it took longer than that. Almost 2 whole seasons. But it is worth it.

9. The Best Show

the best show

Love is War is one of the best romantic comedy anime series ever. It’s got everything- humor, romance, high school fun, and adorable characters.

It’s probably most of us, smiling, unlike Kaguya, whenever an episode airs.

It’s the kind of show that you can watch at the end of a rough day and definitely binge-watch through the night.

This accurate meme definitely makes us appreciate how amazing this show is because it is.

10. 24 Episodes Later

24 Episodes Later

Let’s admit it, throughout the series, the whole two seasons, there’s been progress but just not enough.

We love the shy and flirty moments between Miyuki and Kaguya.

Though they do get together, the wait was pretty long. They were too proud and schemed to get each other to confess, although they never did for a really long time.

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