10 Good Manga to Read!

Some of the best manga and reason behind that!

10 Good Manga to Read!

There are handsome of manga which are considered to be good and some are considered to be best. Here are some of the best manga out there and reason behind that. Some Manga  left deep impression on a reader's heart due to the content inside.

1. Seeds of Anxiety

The author of this manga is Masaaki. It is one of the best horror manga. Reading Japanese manga at night is one of the best way to spook yourself. This is a bit disturbing manga and it comprises of various short stories and these short stories are related to one of the Japanese legend popular in the country.

2. Voices in the Dark

It is also a horror manga which is written by the author named Junji Ito. It is said to be one of the best horror manga of all time and speaking of  horror genre, Ito is said to be the master of this genre. It has one of the different animation style out there. Just watching the characters can get one chilled and spooked. It also have the same concept of short stories but is bit more extreme in nature. Some of the best known horror stories include uzumaki, Tomie and Hellstar Remina as well.

3. Claymore

The author of this famous manga is Yagi. The genre of this manga is Action as well as Fantasy. It is quite similar to Attack on Titan and if you like Attack on Titan series then you will definitely love this. It is a women oriented story as the main character of this series is female and they are given special abilities in order to fight Yoma who is also known as Man eating monster. The character Claire is once saved from Yoma and now she want to become a claymore. She got saved by Teresa who in turn is a first rate warrior during saving Claire. Claire slowly and steady became to understand everything related to Yoma.

4. The Bride's Story

The author of this Manga is Mori and the genre of this manga is Historical Drama as well as Romance. This manga have one of the best art style to be ever seen in a manga. The art style can be seen in the clothes and background of the manga. It depicts perfectly the historical events that have happened. The story revolves around the 19th CE Asia. It is about the married women of that time, what they look like and what they wear etc. The story contains one small child aged around 12 and one lady around the age of 20 and how they overcome their age gap.

5. Goodnight Punpun

The author of this manga is Inio Asano and the genre of this manga is drama and slice of life which it beautifully depicts. This manga is also depressing to a large extent so, read carefully. The story involves young Punpun and how Punpun faces the divorce of his parents. He starts getting frustrated after falling in love. Modern youth is beautifully displayed in this manga. He have a very depressing kind of reality which is not very often seen in any other kind of manga. Solanin is other work of this author which is overall light.

6. Delicious in Dungeon

The author of this manga is Ryoko Kui and the genre of this manga is Fantasy as well as Adventure. It is about cooking inside a dungeon when your party members are stuck in the dungeon. It is one of an amazing manga which involves cooking and inside the dungeon which is never thought of before. The story starts with the character named Laios who enters the dungeon just simply to eat anything present inside. He joins the group of party also simply to eat. This manga provide overall happiness whenever I read it.

7. To Your Eternity

The author of this manga is Yoshitoki and the genre of this manga is Sci fiction, action as well as drama. This manga is about aliens who can shape shift into any form they want at any time. It is one of the coolest concepts in the manga. It one day transforms into a wolf and follows it's owner a young boy. It is quite an interesting manga to read.

8. The Black Swindler

The author of this manga is Takeshi and the genre of this manga is Pyschological. There are almost three types of swindlers in this manga which includes White, Red and black swindler altogether. Kuroskai is the main character in this manga and he seeks revenge on all other swindlers.

9. Bokurano

The author of this manga is Mohiro Kitoh and the genre of this manga is Mecha, Pyschological as well as Drama. All in All, It's a dark manga. The story starts off when some boys meet a questionable man who ask them to try Mecha and they agrees to that not knowing it will take a drastic turn as they will have to kill real life people while playing this game. It turns later into real living hell.

10. All You Need to is Kill

The author of this manga is Hiroshi and Obata as well as the genre of this manga is mecha, action and drama. This is manga about loop that a soldier traps in. It is set into future and is definitely worth reading.