10 Funny Anime Memes On Twitter This Week; 31st Week, August 2021

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Want to get your weekly dose of happiness? These 10 funny Twitter anime memes this week will make you cry with laughter.

As an otaku, an anime lover, or just an amateur watcher, these memes are for all. What’s better than a meme that can make us laugh to get us through the coming week of the pandemic?

So, here are 10 funny Twitter anime memes this week:

1. Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue

This funny infamous meme really will make you laugh. Ever wondered what a real-life Goku would be like?

The Netflix adaptation would show you exactly that. Goku is a Super Saiyan Blue. As far as real-life Goku goes, Netflix nailed it.

The manga is detailed, unlike the anime which is a little less but the real-life thing would show a 4-dimensional version of the strongest character in the anime world, Goku- Super Saiyan Blue.

2. Otaku vs. Anime Hater

Otaku vs. Anime Hater

As otaku or anime lovers, much of our time is consumed in anime. We’ve not held back from our indulgence of late-night binge-watching for probably 6 hours straight.

Unhealthy? Sure it is. But anime is just that good. So, we fall in love with the anime, the music, and the characters.

When an anime hater comes along, who probably doesn't know much about it, a sword through the heart is one way to cut them out of our life.

3. Cliffhangers


If you’re an otaku, you know why this anime meme resonates so well. Too many times, a cliffhanger deprives us of our sleep.

Most anime have captivating plots, good characters, and thematic music.

A really good plot has some of the best cliffhangers. So, sleep can wait.

It is slightly frustrating but lures us to watch the next episode until we finish the whole series in a full night.

4. Anime vs. Life

Anime vs. Life

Anime is tempting. Whether an anime is finished or still ongoing, it calls to us because of the good plots. But sometimes, it can be a distraction to our daily activities.

We’re all busy and trying to live as comfortably as possible. And with the new age distractions such as entertainment and media can lead us away from what we actually should be doing.

Nevertheless, it is good to sometimes relax and enjoy a good series with our favorite snacks.

5. The Waifu Type

The Waifu Type

We all love strong, independent, and intelligent women who are some of the best characters in the anime world.

Even though we all say we don’t have a type, we admire women who are utterly themselves and strong.

Whether it is Mikasa Ackerman or Erza Scarlet, they can defeat anyone in the blink of an eye. The term ‘waifu’ might be a little derogatory, but they are admirable women.

6. New Anime vs. Stopped Anime

New Anime vs. Stopped Anime

This anime meme is so accurate and describes so many of us.

With new amazing anime releasing every year, it is sometimes hard to keep up. And that leads us to stop watching some anime.

This doesn't happen often, as most anime are exciting and fun to watch.

Especially when the anime has really cool characters and some good action.

Furthermore, if it is not our cup of tea, we can just switch to new and upcoming anime.

7. Multitasking, Noob

Multitasking, Noob

Anyone who watches subbed versions of anime can totally understand this anime meme.

It is a little difficult but it doesn't stop us from reading subtitles and watching the anime at the same time.

It is sort of like a multitasking superpower that is hard to do but we do it anyway.

And when someone asks us how we can do it, we probably turn into Kaneki. Also, it's called multitasking, for those who don't know.

8. Really Good Anime vs. Season 2

Really Good Anime vs. Season 2

If there’s one thing we want from a good anime, it is a sequel.

Especially with light-hearted, romantic comedies or really good action/adventure anime, a season 2 is necessary.

Apart from that, it seems like some really good anime don’t have a season 2. Sometimes, they are released out of popular demand or funds which are beneficial.

9. Pretending to Know Anime Openings

Pretending to Know Anime Openings

One of the most accurate anime memes so far, as a non-Japanese speaker or a weeb, we don’t know the lyrics of anime openings.

It is hard to remember and understand but we can totally understand the emotions behind it.

On that note, even if we don’t know the lyrics, we can act like it, and still enjoy it.

The Japanese lyrics make it even more enjoyable as they convey a different emotion as compared to English. Thus, they are both enjoyable.

10. Naruto at Ichiraku at 3 AM

Naruto at Ichiraku at 3 AM

Naruto is one of the strongest characters in the anime world. As fans, we know where he gets it from- Ichikaru ramen at 3 AM glowing from excitement.

Naruto loves his miso ramen and so do we. He can eat 10 cups and more and still keep going.

That is one of the most eminent traits of strong Shonen characters. Naruto has been Ichiraku's biggest customer since he was young.

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