10 Savage Dialogues of Veronica Lodge In Riverdale

No Character's wit has been as iconic as the Cape-wearing Veronica Lodge. From The moment she arrives in town, she makes it clear that no one messes around with her.


When it comes to being savage, Riverdale characters have Never failed to amaze audiences with their epic dialogue deliveries and fabulous comebacks.

However, no Character's wit has been as iconic as the Cape-wearing Veronica Lodge.

From The moment she arrives in town, she makes it clear that no one messes around with her.

Being Daddy's little girl and after living a posh life in NYC, She completely redeems herself in the Riverdale lifestyle.

After being a Bitch in her previous high school, she tries really hard to have a completely normal school life in Riverdale High.

She even makes friends on her first day with Betty and Kevin.      


Veronica and Hiram Lodge

Having an obsessive relationship with her father, she always gave him the benefit of the doubt even after all his shady moves.

She always stood up against anyone who tried to bully her, be it high school jock such as Chuck Clayton gangsters as in Penny Peabody.

Growing up with a father involved with the mafia business makes her immune to things that would intimidate most people.

Here we would discuss the top 10 savage moments of Veronica Lodge where almost everyone in the audience went 'Cuckoo-Bananas'-

1. "You Wanted Fire? Sorry, Cheryl Bombshell. My Specialty Is Ice."

(1.01- Chapter One- The River's Edge)

Veronica and Betty interviewing for Vixens.

This is one of the most savage Veronica Lodge lines.

As soon as she enters Riverdale High, she persuades Betty to audition for being a River Vixen (Riverdale High's Cheerleading Squad led by Cheryl).

Veronica and Betty perform and for the interview portion of their audition.

Cheryl asks Betty about Polly and Jason to bully Betty and trigger her hate for Jason.

Betty controls herself which infuriates Cheryl and she rejects Betty saying that Betty lacks fire and Accepts Veronica.

Veronica insulting Cheryl.

Veronica disagrees and gives a reality check to Cheryl by saying that all those terrible things that Cheryl does, there'll be a reckoning, and 'maybe that reckoning is ME' says Veronica.

She also says 'Betty and I come as a matching set, you want one, you take us both.'

And finally, she concludes by saying: 'You wanted fire? Sorry Cheryl Bombshell, my speciality's ice.'

2. "Well I don't follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them!"

(1.03- Chapter Three- Body Double)

Veronica and Chuck Clayton

Remember Chuck Clayton, Riverdale High's Football coach's son? He asked out the 'new girl' in Riverdale high and turns out she said yes.

The date went pretty well and they made out in Chuck's car.

The next day, Chuck shared a picture of him and Veronica with Veronica covered in Sticky Maple, a way of slut-shaming her.

The image used by Chuck to body shame Veronica.

The whole school started making fun of Veronica while she didn't even knew what Chuck actually did.

Kevin told her and Veronica's immediate reaction was 'I will pull brakes on his couped up phallic symbol'.

Betty and Kevin suggest to go to the headmaster or expose in the Blue and Gold but Veronica says to Betty that she is speaking like a good girl who just follows the rules and then it comes-

"Well I don't follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them!"

Veronica asks Betty that if she wants to help her, she has to go 'Full Dark, No stars' and Betty hesitatingly agreed.

Veronica and Betty taking Revenge from Chuck

They then find out that the *jocks* of Riverdale High have done it to many girls and even maintain a diary to keep score.

This infuriates Veronica and she tells Betty to invite Chuck to a Hot water tub at Ethel's House.

Veronica and Betty drug Chuck and handcuff him while increasing the water's temperature and making him bathe in Maple Syrup.

Betty loses her cool and sees herself as Polly and Chuck as Jason and gets out of control.

Veronica finally manages to bring Betty back as well as Chuck's recorded confession of what the guys do with those girls hence getting her revenge!

3. "You know what happens to a snake when a Louis Vuitton heel steps on it? Shut the hell up or you'll find out."

(1.04- Chapter Four- The Last Picture Show)            


Twilight Drive-In

Much to Jughead's dismay, the Twilight Drive-In was closing.

After trying convincing the mayor not to sell it and every other thing to save it, the drive-in was about to ne demolished by its new owner (unknown at that time, it was Hiram Lodge).

On the last night before the demolition starts, Jughead organizes 'A Last Picture Show' and showed the movie 'Rebel without a cause'.    


Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl watching 'The Last Picture Show'

Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl (suggest me a more awkward trio) watch the movie together from the jeep's back while some noisy Southside serpents made excessive noise by shouting and clinging their cans which irritates Kevin and Veronica.

Veronica warning the serpents.

Kevin shushes them but they don't listen and hence, Veronica takes the confrontation in her hands and says "You know what happens to a snake when a Louis Vuitton heel steps on it? Shut the hell up or you'll find out."

This impresses Kevin and Veronica says 'I just hate when people disrespect my Cinematic Experience'. Savage right!!??


(1.10- Chapter Ten-The Lost Weekend)                


Veronica and Cheryl's Face off.

Definitely one of the most epic Dance Face-off in the history of US Television. Veronica and Cheryl were already too hot to handle and this Dance Battle surely raised the temperatures of our TV screens.

Angry at the Blossoms for discovering that Cliff Blossom may be the reason of Hiram being in jail, Veronica picked a fight with Cheryl.

She welcomed Veronica to challenge her, but Veronica suggested to let the Vixens decide who will he their head by a Dance Face-Off.

Veronica and Cheryl dance with their hearts out but Veronica unanimously wins pissing Cheryl off.

Whatever the result of the face-off was, it was surely a treat to watch!

5. "I'm sorry we don't spend our time being tragic and moping, and holding hands while watching serial killer documentaries."

(2.14- Chapter Twenty Seven- The Hills have eyes)                                                            

The 'Lodge-Lodge'

I am sure you guessed it right about for whom this line is! Of course 'Bughead'!

During this episode, Hiram offers Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead to go on a romantic getaway at their Family cabin at Shadow lake while he hosts a meeting back in Riverdale to settle the dust after Poppa Poutine's death.

The four of them agree and most of their weekend turns out to be Heavenly.


The Gang at Veronica's Cabin

While playing Monopoly, Betty recieves a call from Alice who tells her that Hiram Lodge has bought 'The Riverdale Register'.

Betty gets furious and asks Veronica if she knew about this to which Veronica replies negatively.

Jughead loses his cool and gives Veronica a reality check that Hiram is buying Properties all over Southside and now he bought the town's only newspaper so that his misdoings are not revealed to the townspeople.

Veronica being Epic!

Archie tries to defend Hiram but Jughead tells him that Veronica has wrapped him around her little finger.

Veronica ironically replies-

"I'm sorry we don't spend our time being tragic and moping, and holding hands while watching serial killer documentaries."

This was one of the most ferocious 'Bughead' insults of all time!

6. "Forget it Jughead, Its RIVERDALE"

(3.11- Chapter Forty-Six- The Red Dahlia)

Veronica and Jughead making a deal.

Let's face it, Veronica actually puts it in words what we all had in our minds since season 1. It's Riverdale, anything can happen here.

Here, Veronica says this in reference to her father getting shot and Jughead knowing the name of the culprit but Veronica prefers not knowing and keeping it the way it is.

For the record, Veronica does another savage thing in this episode as well.

Due to Hiram getting shot, Hermione plans to sell his drug business as she and Veronica were completely opposed to it.

Veronica wanted to get rid of those drugs by destroying them while Hermione planned to sell them so that they can make some money from Hiram's misdeeds as well.

Despite knowing about Hermione making a deal with the buyer, Veronica couldn't let her mother get away with the profits from Hiram's drug empire as well as she couldn't stand Hermione being a drug dealer so with Reggie's help, she broke into the prison, found the drugs, destroyed them and the equipment as well before Hermione finalized the Deal.

Later on, when she found out about the advance payment that Hermione took from the buyer and paid to Governor Dooley to keep their names clear, she gets under a huge debt to pay the anonymous buyer (Gladys Jones).

Veronica and Reggie Burning Drugs.

Veronica pays Jughead to find out about who shot Hiram and also tells him that she doubts her mother.

She pays him half of the payment and tells him that she'll pay the other half when he'll give her a name.

After a series of events, Jughead figures out it was Hermione and she did it for Veronica (Hiram was responsible for Veronica's seizure) as well as to exact revenge on Hiram for taking mugshots at her through Tall Boy at the Mayoral Debate.

Hermione threatens Jughead to keep quiet or else she'll drag FP with her as well.

When Veronica comes to pay Jughead the other half, Jughead asks whether she wants the name of the person responsible, to which she responds as- "Forget it Jughead, it's Riverdale."

7. The Iconic Thanksgiving Tablecloth Pulling

(4.07- Chapter Sixty-Four - The Ice Storm)

Veronica pulling off the tablecloth.

Most of Veronica's badass moments are with her Father, Hiram Lodge. This was one of the most epic Season 4 scenes.

It's Thanksgiving! Archie and Monroe plan to organize Thanksgiving at the community center for the unprivileged kids who don't have a home to go to. Veronica volunteers to help.

As Veronica missed Hiram's inauguration as Mayor, Hiram invites her to the reservations he made at the Sweetwater Country Club for Thanksgiving dinner. Veronica tells him that she's busy helping Archie at the Community center.

This hurts Hiram's ego. With Dodger's body found outside Archie's community center, a day before Thanksgiving, the community centre becomes an active Crime Scene.

Hiram uses this to order the Sheriff to shut down the community center, infuriating Veronica and Archie.

FP shutting down the Community Centre.

Veronica goes back to Pembrooke where she sees Hiram, Hermione and Hermosa about to start with the Thanksgiving dinner (Hiram Cancels reservation at the country club due to Ice storm and decides to order in).

Veronica asks Hiram about the community centre to which he replies that he did it for public safety and "It's nothing Personal".

A furious Veronica pulls the tablecloth with all the food on it spilling all over the floor and replies with "Neither was that, Papi".

Hermione, Hiram and Hermosa's reaction to Veronica's actions.

I am sure everyone was in an 'awe' after witnessing this scene!

8. Burning a Man Alive!

(4.04- Chapter Sixty-One: Halloween)

Veronica and Michael.

It's Thanksgiving! But as every other thing, this too turned dark in Riverdale.

With Archie and Munroe busy throwing a Halloween party at El Royale, Veronica decides to do some cleaning in Pops and works alone. A trucker stops by for a cup of coffee and a home cooked meal.

Veronica initially turns him down saying they're closed for the day but the trucker says that he'll be quick as he has to reach his family by daybreak as has been driving for 18 hours straight.

Veronica serves him with coffee and burger and he shows her a picture of his family as well.

For dessert, Veronica offers him pumpkin pie to which he agrees and as she goes to the counter to fetch some, Alice comes on TV with a breaking news about a Serial killer who goes by the name of family guy- Michael Matthews, escaped the Shady Grove center and he forces his victims to cook him meals before brutally killing them.

Veronica and the man exchange looks and she runs to the speakeasy downstairs to save herself after locking the door on him.

Veronica realizes who the man is.

Veronica fetches some alcohol in a bowl and turns off the lights of La Bonne  Nuit. As the man breaks open the door and comes downstairs, he switches on his lighter as it was dark.

He looks nearby and suddenly sees Veronica standing on the counter with the bowl of alcohol in her hands and she throws it on him resulting in him catching fire due to the burning lighter in his hands.

Veronica runs away leaving the Burning man there.

Veronica burns him alive.

Man if this is not terrifying I don't know what is!

9. "Can you feel it Daddy? Our Dance of Death is finally Coming to An End."

(5.17- Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death)

Veronica giving Hiram a reality check.

It's been 7 years and the Badass High School Veronica is even more Savage than ever.

Married to Chad Gekko, living a posh life in New York with her controlling and 'Always-a-Beta' husband.

Veronica comes to Riverdale when Archie calls the gang for help to save Riverdale High. After witnessing Chad's behavior since her arrival in I Riverdale, she divorces her and starts dating Archie again.

Archie, along with his army friend Eric Jackson and others, starts mining in the mines to extract palladium under Cheryl's Maple Groves.

Hiram plots with Chad and a mine explosion takes place where Archie and Eric get stuck inside the mine with no way out.

Veronica gets tensed and figures out it was Hiram who was behind this.

She hits him in his head, making him unconscious and kidnaps him.

She shares one of childhood memories where Hiram gave her a trauma for her entire life when she was 14 years old.

She gives her word to Hiram that if Archie dies, Hiram dies. And then she says "Can you feel it Daddy? Our dance of death is finally coming to an end!"

Veronica kills Chadwick.

Veronica leaves him and while preparing for her bath, Chad breaks into her House with a gun and tries to kill her.

Instead, being the wittiest of 'em all, she turns the tables and kills Chad by shooting him.

Veronica freeing Hiram.

Archie comes out of the mine alive and keeping her word, Veronica frees Hiram.

She tells him that if Hiram repeats this next time, She'll shoot him just like she shot Chad. She leaves with her parting words to Hiram being 'Bye, You little Bitch!"

10. "You know I am really trying to see this Thing from your point-of-view but sadly I can't get my head that far up my ass!"

(6.13- Chapter One Hundred -Eight: Ex-Libris)

Veronica roasting Reggie.

Veronica and Reggie's on and off relationship was one of the major plotlines in Riverdale Season 6.

With the casino in action, they made a hell lot of money. Reggie's father is indebted with a lot of money and Reggie tried to talk to Veronica about paying his debts.

Veronica disagrees and hence Reggie takes the tough path and steals Casino machines from the casino, infuriating Veronica.

They both part ways and break their partnership. When the fog surrounds Riverdale, Reggie comes to Pembrooke, things get heated and they both sleep with each other.

Veronica and Reggie talking about getting back together.

They both also talk about what went wrong between them with the slightest possibility of getting back together.

Reggie demands Hiram's portrait be taken down to which she agrees.

Reggie accepts that in their whole relationship he has felt like a second fiddle to Archie.

And now with Hiram looming over at his desk, he always feels like a consolation prize.

Veronica shares her past that Archie made her feel the same way when he chose Riverdale over her.

Reggie asks who she would want with her in New York, Him or Archie to which Veronica confusingly unclearly replies.

Reggie makes a comment that they both are recreating their parents' dynamics.

Concluding, Reggie says "We have to break the screwed up Toxic Cycle." To which Veronica agrees.

Veronica and Reggie part ways.

The next morning, Veronica, being superior above everyone else, realizes that Reggie was the one who gave her ultimatums last night which does not sit well with her especially when he stole from her.

Veronica says "You know I am really trying to see this Thing from your point-of-view but sadly I can't get my head that far up my ass!"

To which Reggie replies that he doesn't wanna end up dead like Chad or Hiram. He calls her 'The Black Widow' and Veronica ousts him.

a women dining

Well, these are just a very few of the instances where we see our Savage Queen in full action.

No one, I repeat, no one can deliver such one-liners with this kind of attitude. Well 'Stand Back and watch Fellas, you might learn something' from our Roast Queen.

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