9 Darling in the FranXX Memes That Only Fans Will Know

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Darling in the FranXX is one of the most popular anime of 2018. Consequently, that gave otaku’s and ZeroTwosday memer’s the chance to come up with some awesome memes. These 9 Darling in the FranXX memes will make you cry and laugh and only true fans will know.

Darling in the FranXX takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world where human civilization has been abandoned and adults live in Plantations. The concept of procreation and relationships became obsolete.

Furthermore, artificially created “children” are mainly trained to control FranXX in boy-girl pairs to fight enemies. As they realize that their life is not solely dedicated to the purpose of fighting, they break rules only to realize the pleasures of being human.

On that note, the series has brilliant visuals and the development of the story. There were a good amount of boy-girl moments, especially between Hiro and Zero Two. In what seems like an imaginable post-apocalyptic world, the concept of accepting and celebrating our human side and its pleasures was eye-opening in a sense. Some hilarious moments balanced out the heavier parts of the story.

Thus, these 9 Darling in the FranXX memes were born out of emotions and laughter:

1. Zerotwosday Memes


Zerotwosday is a blessing to the anime community. Mostly for the weebs and fans of Zero Two, this day celebrates Zero Two and basically her existence.

Zero Two is the main female character of the series and has a strong personality. She’s someone who’s been through a rough childhood which turned her into a headstrong girl. Nevertheless, she’s got a bright personality who just wants to experience being normal. She’s one of the best girls of anime and is also considered one of the best waifu.

2. Hiro and Zero Two Couple Goals

hiro and zero

Hiro and Zero Two are the two main characters of the story who are also in a relationship. Their first meeting was awkward, especially for Hiro. Young boys are bound to be curious about the opposite sex, and Hiro was just the same.

Zero Two made it quite clear that she likes Hiro. Eventually, they got together which made them couple goals. Unbeknownst to them, they had actually been childhood friends turned into a couple. Furthermore, with their history, it’s evident that they were made for each other in life and till death did them apart. Though, even in the afterlife, they are probably still together.

3. Ichigo Make Up Your Mind!


Ichigo is one of the main characters who is known famously as one of the “rejected” girls in the anime community. Mainly because she got rejected by Hiro.

One of the weirdest things in the series was Ichigo’s switch from siblings to a romantic interest in Hiro real quick. She’s been with Hiro since childhood but eventually after Zero Two came into the picture, things changed… especially in their relationship. With Ichigo not caring about her sibling-turned-crush situation, she’s been a part of the “rejected” anime girl squad ever since.

4. Darling in the FranXX Season 2

season 2 meme

Darling in the FranXX was released in 2018 and has been progressively becoming famous, not only in the weeb community but also in the anime memes community.

Season one was really good, and let's admit it, when Hiro and Zero Two died, it was totally unexpected. The series had a good story and character development as well as a mix of mecha, romance, and humor. The anime community wished for a Season 2 that doesn't look like it is about to happen.

5. Ichigo the “Rejected” Girl

the rejected girl

Initially, Ichigo always thought of Hiro as a sibling and a childhood friend who inspired her for the better. But as the series progressed, she realized her actual feelings for him.

Once Zero Two came into the picture, they had become romantic and pilot rivals. Added on to that, Hiro was a common love interest. Zero Two is a very confident and bold girl who, unlike Ichigo, takes a lot of risks. Eventually, Ichigo gets rejected by Hiro. Later on, Hiro and Zero Two get together.

6. Honey Obsessed Zero Two

zero two

If there’s one meme that represents Zero Two’s personality, it is this. As we have got to know Zero Two during the series, we’ve grown to find her adorable.

Especially her obsession with honey. She adds an excessive amount of honey to her food and also wants Hiro to eat the same. She’s often seen eating it. Don’t fret, her honey obsession will give you zero two-oth ache.

7. When History Gives You the Feels

When History Gives You the Feels

Darling in the FranXX has made us cry, laugh, and appreciate human pleasures. Zero Two and Hiro have a history together that is revealed a little later on in the series.

Hiro and Zero Two often get into an emotional space in the FranXX, which enabled them to remember pieces of their past. When they found out that not only were they childhood friends, but also someone precious to each other, that opened the floodgates for a lot of people.

8. Depression in the FranXX


Darling in the Franxx is a Mecha and romantic drama that exceeded the expectations of most. With many twists and turns and totally unexpected scenarios, we didn’t exactly know where the story was heading. Until, of course, Hiro and Zero Two died. Then, ‘Darling in the FranXX’ changed to ‘Depression in the FranXX’.

Not only did they have numerous emotional and dramatic explosions of their innermost feelings, but they also ended up passing away. That left us with a sad and empty feeling. Nonetheless, the series is overall a great mecha story.

9. Not a Normal World

not a normal world meme

Darling in the FranXX had so many sad moments that made us bawl. This funny meme depicts a huge part of the story.

It’s not easy to discover and accept one’s identity. But, Papa is a bad man who will not let any of them live a normal life. And to discover that they weren’t made by Papa might've been one of the best things to happen to them.

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