10 Anime Series That BTS Watch

The members of the most famous South-Korean Boy Band BTS are not just music lovers. BTS is an inspiration for a lot of people. Many of the ARMY’s has themselves claimed that BTS brought a big change in their lives.

10 Anime Series That BTS Watch
10 Anime Series That BTS Watch

The members of the most famous South-Korean Boy Band BTS (Korean: 방탄소년단; Roman: Bangtan Sonyeondan) are not just music lovers. Time and time again BTS have mentioned their love for Anime. Especially, Jungkook and V are the best weeb friends one could have. But what specific anime are BTS obsessed with? ARMY’s let us find out!!!!!!!!!!

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BTS (Korean: 방탄소년단; Roman: Bangtan Sonyeondan) 

1) Naruto

Members who are fans: RM & Suga Especially!

Suga from BTS as Naruto
Suga as Naruto 

All the boys are familiar with the anime Naruto and it makes sense! Who doesn’t like Naruto? It is the most iconic Anime of all times. In Episode number 28 of RUN BTS- they even chose one of Naruto’s theme song to sing on Karaoke. Obviously with the mandatory signature run.

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In the BTS interview with Noisey, the band was asked to choose between Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto, RM even gave a shoutout to Naruto for, 'actually having a real ending'. Yoongi’s love for Naruto can be seen in his 2015 costume where he dressed up like Naruto looking all ‘Kawaii’. Naruto is about a village boy named Uzumaki Naruto, the leader of his village. The show has in total of 500 episodes. So buckle up and prepare yourself to binge-watch.

2) Dragon Ball

Members who are fans: Jin and Suga

In the same interview with Noisey, the boys got in a huge debate when were asked to choose between Naruto, Dragon Ball and One piece. Suga attempted to talk over everyone else saying ‘Absolutely Dragon Ball’, ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Absolutely Dragon Ball’. Jin backed Suga saying ‘Dragon Ball is a masterpiece’.

3) One Piece

Members who are fans: Jimin

Jimin is a big fan of the anime one piece. He even has a soft spot for the swordsman character Zoro. Jimin now owns every volume of the One Piece Manga.

Young Jimin Dreams

He was even asked what his dream as a kid was, Jimin revealed that he really enjoyed watching One Piece and his favourite character was Zoro.

Jimin's Face Says it all :)

So, he started to dream to be a cool swordsman like Zoro and that’s where his journey to learn Kendo started. He said that he has learned Kendo for eight years from the age of when he was just nine years old. How Inspiring!

4) Haikyuu!!

Members who are fans: Jungkook and V

The Young Maknae Relaxing In His Break Time Watching Shoyo Hinata! Kawaii

Since all the members seem to be fans of the all famous Volleyball anime, Haikyuu; it seems like Jungkook and Taehyung are the major Haikyuu fans among the band. They both absolutely love Haikyuu and adore Shoyo Hinata by heart. They even said that they particularly like watching sports anime. Surprisingly both the maknae’s have same favourite animes like AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day, 5 centimetres Per Second, Kimi No Na Wa: Your Name and Death Note.

5) Crayon Shin Chan

Members who are fans: J-Hope

Well, the sunshine of BTS is not a big fan of sports and thriller animes. Even though J-Hope does not look like a big fan of anime, he still recommends the show Shin Chan to ARMY. If we actually think about it, there are a lot of similarities between J-Hope and Shin Chan. One is the crazy dance moves both carry out.

6) My Hero Academia

Members who are fans: V

V Watching MHA Backstage

V loves to watch animes while he practices for concerts. V has been a very big My Hero Academia fan. He has also been captured watching MHA backstage entranced.

7) Slam Dunk

Members who are fans: Suga and Jungkook

Suga has always put Slam Dunk as his favourite Anime. Suga has binge-watched all the episodes numerous times whether it is the Manga or the animated version of Slam Dunk, Suga is all about Slam Dunk.

Never Missing An Opportunity To Show His Love For Slam Dunk

Suga was also a basketball player in his high school days. Even his stage name Suga (슈가) is derived from the first syllables of Shooting Guard, the position he used to play in basketball as a student.

High School Basket Ball Player Suga

Maybe, Suga is trying to emulate his favourite anime? Who knows?

8) Spirited Away

Members who are fans: Jungkook

Who Doesn't Want To Be A Dragon? That Too A Handsome One

Jungkook once mentioned that his first dream growing up was to become an anime character, specifically a character who could turn into a giant dragon. Very wise choice Jungkook, because same!

9) Attack On Titan

Members who are fans: OT 7

RM's Look Inspired By Levi Ackerman

Every ARMY who has tuned into the behind the scenes of the band’s dorms knows how big fans they are of the thriller. All of them own AOT merch and Manga. One of their song ‘Attack On Bangtan’ was inspired by Attack On Titan.

The Best Weeb Friends You Can Have

10) Pokemon

Members who are fans: Jin and RM Especially!

Jin seems to be a big fan of the anime Pokemon. His favourite character is Pikachu. When asked about the anime in the Noisey interview, Jin went all in to prove that he loved Pikachu from Pokemon.

Jin's Love For Pokemon

RM also is a big fan of the game Pokemon Go which is now available in South Korea. He often posts screenshots of various Pokemons he has captured and renames them after his fellow members.

RM's Love For Pokemon Go 

ARMY’s if you are also a big weeb like Jungkook and V, these anime are for you. But if you fall into the soft category of J-Hope, you can give his preferences a try. Who knows? you may love it as well!

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