10 Anime Heroes That Would Make People Horror-Struck in Real life!

Here is the list of 10 Anime Heroes That Would Make People Horror-Struck!

10 Anime Heroes That Would Make People Horror-Struck in Real life!
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There are a lot of anime characters that would make people Horror-Struck if they appeared in real life. Many of these heroes have superhuman abilities, attractive features to attract people towards them. Well, this is done to make viewers connect with the characters.

So, that we can see ourselves in those fictional characters which sometimes appear real to them. Well, there are a lot of characters out there which will be really horrifying if encountered in real life. Here is the list of these 10 Anime Heroes which will make people Horror-Struck.

10. Shinra (Fire-Force)

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It has been known that Shinra in order to cope up with High-stress moments always puts a smile on his face. Which can be seen as an unfit action for many people around him. To some extent, it seems demonic too by the reflexes that he can't control.

Well, he is able to control or conjure fire according to his will he is in fact a Third Generation Fire user, which may cause some tension as during some moments it is seen that he's lost control over his body which will definitely affect his reputation. This young hero can definitely give chills to anybody around him.

9. Alphonse (Full Metal Alchemist)

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Alphonse is the main character of Fullmetal alchemist which has metal armor upon him with harrowing eyes which are magenta in color. There is a seal placed upon him which can be his weak spot and can lead to permanent destruction of his body.

Well, seeing him with his armor and his voice how he sounds! and also he doesn't have any physical form which can easily lead to considering him as a monster. To sum it up altogether with his given alchemic abilities and his metal armor definitely make him stand apart from the common people.

8. Gang Orca (My Hero Academia)

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He has a very scary appearance due to which he was particularly chosen for the job to proctor the Hero Licensing Exam due to which we can say that how scary he seems. He also seems to be the most daunting force for good in the series particularly when he is accompanied by his underlings.

If we ever see him in real it will definitely scare the common people as if one has certain features with a deep, guttural voice and his orca style adds to scaring people. To add up given his ability for mass destruction easily makes the character more dangerous to be ever seen in the real life.

7.  Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

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It is Ban's ability Known as Fox Hunt which seems very dangerous for normal people as his ability helps him to rip the hearts from his opponent's chest and he grabs it in his own hands. Even if he uses this ability for good but it can't be ignored that it is a very dangerous ability. It is very Gory and can cause panic between people.

But adding to add he also has regenerative abilities which makes him particularly immortal. Which he got after drinking the Fountain of Youth. If a person doesn't know him he will regard him as a demon for sure just like Meliodas.

6. Kankuro (Naruto)

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He was considered a villain at first when he came into the series but soon he became an ally of the Leaf village with Gaara and also his brother. But it can't be denied that he was also held responsible for murdering children, which he showed during the victory over Sakon and Ukon.

The main thing that makes him look evil is his usage of poison and also puppets. Which makes him looks like a villain. In the end, his way of doing missions is quite daunting.

5. Brook (One Piece)

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Well just looking at him makes him stand out. At first, Usopp tried to exorcise him with the help of a Crucifix as this walking Skeleton seemed unholy to him.

He is a pervert and does silly things sometimes which makes him quite a fun character. But the thing is with his appearance due to which we will definitely scare off people.

4. Miroku (Inuyasha)

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Miroku has the superpower which can be said blackhole as his hand is used as a suction wherever he points it out. he uses beads in order to not go out of control in combat against enemies.

But the thing is he often gets out of control during which he hurts his own companions which is a downside to his power. Well, his ability is quite dangerous due to which people will just flee away from that place.

3. Allucard (Hellsing)

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Allucard is a dangerous character first of all as was the vessel of Integra Hellsing and an important member of the organization. He also defeated Iscariot and Millennium side by side and in the end, he drank corrupted blood which was made specially to kill him.

But the thing was battle maniac as he was always ready to fight villains by himself. Which is not a nature suited for the society we live in.

2. Bucclaratl (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure)

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Bucclaratl even he is a hero we cannot forget that at first, he was a villain who was very ruthless. He uses extreme methods like string up head up by an eyelid. He is also a walking undead who can also sever the limbs of other people which seems a quite dangerous thing.

1. Eren (Attack on Titan)

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There are a lot of reasons behind this that Eren is very terrifying between common people. First of all, he is very obsessed with taking revenge in addition that he can transform into a very tall Titan in a very few seconds.

Well, the soldiers of Paradis didn't even seem to fully trust him at first when they met him and were only able to gain trust when he defeated many titans. So, he is a very scary character.